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Seeking Balance with Computer use:edu

Our courses are developed for young minds who can utilize technology for fun, education and social responsibility.  Best practices for computing are key to our program.  Students are taught the importance of practical computing habits for creativity.  Screen time revolves around brainstorming and focus groups.   Social and technical skills are increased as students accomplish the objectives for each course.  Classes are small, with no more than 12 students per class and two qualified instructors.  Each class is designed to utilize technology by increasing awareness and skill.

Teaching Etiquette:

We seek to help the next generation of technology users gain a sense of etiquette with electronics.  Students agree on a high level of privacy and personal protection.

Healthy Habits:

We encourage students to take care of their bodies while working in our course.  Fresh fruit is available throughout the day.  Activity is based on keeping our body’s limber and performing well.  Students are guided to use appropriate computer position and ergonomics.


We take ergonomics serious and guide our students to develop healthy habits.  Stretching is a regular part of our daily routine.  Every course includes a  lesson in ergonomics.


A healthy lunch menu is being prepared by our local sponsor.

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