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About Us

IT Day Camp of Ann Arbor provides courses developed for young minds that utilize technology for fun, education and social responsibility.  Best practices for computing are key to our program where students are taught the importance of practical computing habits for creativity. Our teaching methods seek to help the next generation of technology users gain a sense of etiquette with electronics. Courses encourage students to take care of their bodies while working in the course and include lessons in ergonomics.  IT Day Camp is a subsidiary of Graham Systems founded in 2013 by James Graham. We have been holding classes for both youth and adults since Summer 2013.

James Graham is the owner of Graham Systems, technology consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, MI. In tandem with daily operations Graham Systems offers workshops and tutorials for technology applications to both youth and adults and has developed IT Day Camp as a program to incorporate all of its instructional efforts. For 15+ years James Graham has been delivering technology solutions and instruction to people in classroom environments and on a one-on–one basis. His positive attitude, energy and passion for empowering kids and adults with technology has garnered him a range of successes from providing alternative education to students with individual needs to integrating new technology and social networking into the marketing initiatives of local companies and nonprofits.